Fine aggregate concrete pump solutions pipe blockage First, anti-functioning fine stone pump method, if you encounter blockage can be fine stone pump reverse in fine stone pump, make three to four stroke, can generally be self Paidu, if that does not work, then it To dismantle the pipe Paidu find blockage position, a split pipe resolve, noting that must be removed before the tube, the pump anti operation several times, this can hot sale concrete vibrator with high quality prevent the pressure inside the tube were splashing in the process of dismantling the tube, cause damage to their personal safety. Second, during the regular operation and reverse operation at the same time, can hold a small hammer, for each stage of pipe were struck, while listening to the sound in the percussion, the sound heard very heavy, that is clogging the location It can determine the jam location, generally at the rear end and the end of the pipe bends and most prone to clogging, clogging chance straight at almost small. Mine reinforced concrete pump method Mine with concrete pump, construction process is simple, adaptable, for smaller span of Itabashi reinforcement. After the pump is mounted in place, the first overall inspection of the pump, check the contents include: the range of liquid level within the tank whether prescribed, whether there is leakage of the local, the connection of electrical components is disconnected or off-line, etc. .       Check the electrical aspects. Should inspect the site voltage is normal, pumps shall be provided with a dedicated control switch, and then do the following checks: Close the line switch control, 1.5hp honda concrete vibrating screed factory power indicator light, the light observation module, if you start, running lights.       Mining Concrete pump gate valve after a period of use, on, there will be deep dent on the lower seat available at this time welding repair, and then you can continue to use after handling grinding wheel. Shutter after prolonged use becomes sharp, thin, if you want to continue to use, can be corrected by hand wheel gate to coincide with the valve seat and between the separator and the shell plus copper sheet to adjust the gap, to extend the life. Prevention of Mine concrete pump clogged methods are the following 1, first in the design, to avoid shaped bend, reducing resistance when transporting concrete to prevent clogging.   Second, in order to ensure continuity of operations when, and to determine the quality of a good concrete, to the reasonable control of the pumping time, do not let the concrete in the pipe is too long, to avoid congestion.   Third, if it is on hold for a long industrial hose storage concrete vibrating tube time for some reason, to be about to start a pump or transfer pump frequency direction anyway, to prevent clogging.   Fourth, the use of the mine with concrete pump when you want to use clean water pipeline, the first transport of mortar, concrete conveying.